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Personnel Training

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       Each employee is able to communicate effectively with his immediate superior through his own good performance and in accordance with his current managerial position in the course of his career growth. Employees' career development will not be limited to the current department, company or region. The capacity for diversity and extensive experience will be highly valued. In the company's internal staff can find plenty of opportunities to help them grow, so will have to realize the ambition of the space and autonomy, realize the value of the breakthrough.

Training process

Give challenging work
We believe that career growth is more likely to come from specific positions. For highly potential people, we encourage full empowerment and encourage employees to take on challenging jobs and take the initiative in managing roles.

Independent and flexible career development rhythm
Standard internal recruitment and placement system to provide employees with multiple career options; to encourage cross job sequences, cross career, cross regional development, and to encourage grassroots work experience. Through the continuous expansion of vision, to achieve rapid improvement of personal ability, flexible and independent planning personal career development.

A fair, fair and open promotion system
In principle, and makes the best possible use for the establishment of an effective performance assessment and promotion system, ensure employee performance and ability to get justice for approval; and pay attention to the performance and potential ability, priority promotion performance and potential at the same time, the outstanding performance of staff.

All-round promotion and development
Through a comprehensive training system and guidance, the guidance system, according to the different experience of the staff to provide targeted guidance and training; the quality model of the 360 degree comprehensive evaluation system based on the present situation and the ability to scan through a feedback guidance, enhance their personal ability accurately.